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Team Tchad

We area small group of young professionals passionate about making a difference in our country and committed to addressing global challenges.We generously volunteer ourtime to support PEP Africa’s mission. We work remotely, providing a cost-effective solution delivery model across our focus areas.

We oversee the utilization of donations, audit and control the organization’s financial records and policies, and ensure transparency and accountability to our supporters. Our team comprises a Country Lead (COL), Social Development (SoDET) Trainer, Program Administrator and Finance Officer (PAFO), Project Officer (PRO), Community Improvement Officer (CIO), Communications and Knowledge Manager (COMKnoM), and Youth Engagement Officer (YEO).

We present a life-changing opportunity to positively impact the lives of thousands of youths while experiencing human development and spirit. We are not only contributing to the mission of PEP Africa but also have the chance to advance our careers.

The Problems

  • – **Limited Access to Education**: Access to quality education is a major challenge for youth in Chad. Many young Chadians, particularly those in rural areas and from marginalized communities, face barriers such as lack of schools, qualified teachers, and educational resources. As a result, literacy rates remain low, and many youth are unable to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for employment and personal development.
  • – **High Unemployment and Underemployment**: Chad experiences high rates of youth unemployment and underemployment. Limited job opportunities, particularly in the formal sector and a rapidly growing youth population, contribute to widespread economic insecurity and social instability. Many young Chadians are forced to work in the informal economy or rely on subsistence agriculture, where incomes are often insufficient to meet basic needs.
  • Political Instability and Conflict**: Chad has faced decades of political instability, internal conflicts, and regional insecurity, profoundly affecting youth. The volatile political situation, coupled with recurrent humanitarian crises, displacement, and violence, disrupts education, exacerbates poverty, and undermines prospects for social and economic development. Young people are particularly vulnerable to recruitment by armed groups, further perpetuating cycles of conflict and instability.
  • – Addressing these critical issues requires comprehensive strategies and investments in education, employment opportunities, peacebuilding, and youth empowerment. Improving access to quality education, vocational training, and skills development programs can enhance young people’s employment and economic participation prospects. Additionally, promoting political stability, conflict resolution, and social cohesion are essential for creating an enabling environment for youth development and fostering peace and prosperity in Chad.
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