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Welcome to PEP Africa
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Sharing Skills, Changing Lives Rebuilding Communities.
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More and more young people Lack the skills, tools, experience, opportunity, and qualifications needed to secure decent employment, trapping them in cycles of poverty.
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PEP Africa is a youth lead/led non-profit social and development organization established in over 45 countries and accredited with the UN ECOSOC, UNEP, and UNFCCC. With over 25 years of experience, we provide lifesaving services to young people and youths in hard-to-reach communities in Africa.

The PEP Africa Secretariat is hosted in the USA. Its role is to focus on developing partnerships, Mobilizing Funds, Conducting Financial Audits, Monitoring and Evaluating programs, Researching, Improving Brands, reporting to meet demand, Service sustainability, and expanding its operations worldwide. Read more

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“Youths are not just the future; they are the present. Given the opportunity, they have a pivotal role in global development and their communities. Their engagement is not just beneficial but essential. Countries are losing a crucial resource by not involving youth in all development processes. Their unique perspectives and experiences contribute significantly, making only development goals sustainable with their involvement.

Melvine Wajiri, Founder

PEP Africa wants to provide meaningful opportunities for young people to transition into adulthood. Since 2000, we have been at the forefront of disseminating crucial information, spearheading impactful campaigns, and organizing activities tailored to youth. Given the persistent demand for decent jobs, we focus on empowering young individuals through developing essential life skills and fostering their active engagement across various levels of society.

“We are the pencil that writes happiness, which connects the hearts and minds of young people and youths to be the change around the world. We also act as a good eraser that removes their sadness, inspires, and builds trust through social innovation that promotes partnership development effectiveness.”

PEP Africa understands the complex and multifaceted nature of youth challenges in Africa and has designed comprehensive strategies to address some of their root causes and improve the well-being of young people across the continent.

Our Mission

We empower youths with skills and provide them with the necessary tools to create positive change in communities by supporting youth-led/lead initiatives with a genuine interest in social transformation.

We will build this robust community with an army of executive volunteers who share a passion for youth development with us and our youth.  Through their engagement, our volunteers will move from knowing the joy of success to experiencing great significance in their lives.

Our Thematic Focus

Facts and Figures

Youth reached

“tell me, and I will forget,
show me I will remember,
involve me and I will understand”




We design and develop innovative concepts for youth engagement in community and social development. We Advocate for a legal framework for youth apprenticeshipand promoting girls’ education, sexual and reproductive health rights, and violence against women.

Please help us change lives around the world

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