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Youth poverty in Africa remains a significant issue,  more than 40% of its youth population lives below the

international poverty line ($2 per day).

Our History

In the bustling heart of a small town (Limbe) in Cameroon, amidst the echoes of the Atlantic oceans, vibrant colors,the rhythmic beat of traditional drums, and the sounds of local markets, two extraordinary individuals embarked on a journey that would change countless lives. Melvin Wajiri and Rev. Nganji Gilles, fueled by their compassion and purpose, set out to make a difference in the lives of their society’s most vulnerable.

During their volunteer missions, they encountered a generation of women, youths, and children whose daily struggles seemed insurmountable. Stories of hardship, abuse, and despair filled their days. Yet, amidst the darkness, they witnessed flickers of hope – individuals refusing to succumb to despair, clinging to dreams of a better tomorrow.

Inspired by these resilient souls, Melvin and Rev. Nganji knew they had to do more. In 2000, they took a bold step forward, founding People Empowering People (PEP) Africa. With a vision to empower the marginalized and amplify their voices on the global stage, PEP Africa became a beacon of hope in a sea of uncertainty.

Their journey was not without challenges. They faced skepticism, bureaucratic hurdles, and financial constraints. Yet, fueled by their unwavering belief in the inherent worth of every individual, they persevered. They mobilized resources, forged partnerships, and leveraged their networks to create tangible change.

Their story began with humble beginnings, as they dedicated themselves to volunteering with a grassroots social justice organization. From the dusty streets of their hometown to remote communities across Cameroon and beyond, Melvin and Rev. Nganji immersed themselves in civil society actions, advocating tirelessly for youth participation, social justice, and gender equality.

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