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Our Core Value


At PEP Africa, we value ethical and honest behavior within our organization. We believe that a culture of integrity is crucial to the success of our mission of empowering youths worldwide.

To achieve this, we drew up an integrity framework in 2021 for people who work for and with us. This framework helps them act ethically and responsibly in their work. The framework includes our core values, code of conduct, procedures, and guidelines that ensure we carry out our work transparently, reliably, and professionally.

PEP Africa is an organization that deeply values its volunteers and its teams on the ground.

We invest in our team’s success as an investment in our future and relationships. Consequently, we have built an organization that young people and youths want to work with—and work for—and this helps fuel our combined.

Stewardship Teamwork, Getting Results, Preparation, Engagement Accountability, Empowerment, Accessibility

The core values that guide PEP Africa can be found in our capstone doctrine, “We Are PEP Africa,” or it helps us understand our role in youth engagement and community improvement and directs our organization in our daily conduct.


  • – We lead compassionately, supporting fellow volunteers, employees, partner organizations, young people and youths, and communities.
  • – We are consistent in our commitment to fairness, accountability, and using good judgment in helping others.


  • – We ensure the efficient and responsible delivery of humanitarian aid with the means and resources entrusted to us.
  • – To fulfill this responsibility, we commit to being accountable, transparent, and compliant toward beneficiaries, communities, donors, partners, and stakeholders as an organization and as individuals.
  • – We ensure our actions do not harm people, their culture, dignity, or potential.



  • – We are committed to having the most sustainable impact on the communities and people we engage with. All our actions aim to have an effect that improves the living conditions of the people, contributing to PEP Africa the dignity every human being is entitled to.
  • – We ensure a fit-for-purpose response from the first mile, use all the best available options, and deliver the desired impacts directly to the beneficiaries and communities.


Enterprising spirit:

  • – We are enterprising and work with a spirit that creates value and overcomes challenges.
  • – Providing effective and timely humanitarian aid, which has an impact, also comes with being enterprising professionals, applying the highest standards, and choosing to be flexible, reactive, daring, forward-looking, proactive, creative, and innovative.
  • – We are solution-oriented. We seek to understand the context and needs and design the best response plan, even under challenging circumstances.


  • – We strive to inspire all around us through our vision, values, approaches, choices, practices, actions, and advocacy.
  • – We look for inspiration in our team, partners, and the world around us and seek to inspire those we interact with
  • – We walk our talk and commit to motivating people, creating new possibilities, and bringing about sustainable change by investing in people’s potential.

Because we are the face of PEP Africa, our conduct—both on and off duty—matters. We show respect to all humans.

Code of conduct

We expect people who work for and with us to share our values, which are the basis of our code of conduct. The code of conduct is part of the integrity framework and was developed to prevent undesirable behavior. It is intended for everyone who works for or with PEP Africa and must be signed by employees and partner organizations.

Reporting System

PEP Africa uses a reporting system for all types of reports. We handle the reports we receive carefully. A report can concern one of the following areas:

  • Interpersonal violations
  • Financial violations
  • Abuse of power

Our reporting policy and procedure further explain where and how you can safely report (possible) integrity violations and what steps we take as an organization if we receive a report.


Do you have a (possible) suspicion of wrongdoing? Please report this to us so we can act and learn from it. Reporting is courageous. If you experience or see unwanted behavior, it can have a significant impact.

We want you to be able to report this efficiently and safely. This can be done via one of our reporting channels:

  • The management
  • integrity officer
  • The (anonymous) reporting point

Our independent partner, WhistleB, provides an anonymous reporting point to ensure anonymity.

External confidant

Do you need help, or are you unsure about reporting? For support and advice, you can contact our independent confidential counselor,Kelsea Williams.

Zero tolerance for inaction

PEP Africa has a zero-tolerance policy for inaction. This means that we do not ignore any form of misconduct, abuse, fraud, or corruption and follow up on all reports carefully.

Integrity documents

PEP Africa has an approach with one integrity policy, code of conduct, preventive approach, and reporting procedure for abuse of power, financial violations, and interpersonal violations. An integrity committee maintains the integrity policy, consisting of employees with different perspectives and expertise on integrity.
Find ours here:

  • Code of conduct
  • Reporting regulations and reporting procedure
  • Protection policy for young adults and children
  • Privacy declaration

Integrity is constantly evolving. Therefore, the integrity documents are regularly reviewed and adjusted where necessary and tested annually to implement the integrity policy.


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