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Imagine that...

Twelve carefully selected leaders and creative geniuses’ “Country Team.” “Working together, interacting, learning, listening, sharing, and identifying community challenges (problems). They spend months designing, developing, mobilizing resources, and building idealizations for improving that community.

The Country Team’s unique nature is immensely intense. Working together to develop idealizations and testing the transformation of how the I N N O V A T I ON will address the community challenges; that is, clean energy, environmental plastic waste, climate change, education, WASH  access to healthcare, ecosystem restoration, sustainable agriculture, technology, city of the future, employment opportunity, fintech and waste tech, etc., deal with crucial sustainable development issues.

The COUNTRY TEAM also organizes S O L U T I O N events with workshops, long—and short-format presentations, panel discussions, and plenary sessions. The Community is invited to participate, contribute, and share their insight on projects with maximum interaction. This will enable participants to engage and gain insight into several aspects of the project, such as technology, innovation, creativity, leadership, and whole-brain thinking. They become more engaged in building local resilience and promote substantial and active participation in community activities.

These four step describe the pattern of project development and youth engagement in the Country.

The program starts with a team-building week. The first few months begin with learning to work together as a team and enrolling the VAT in the different aspects of the program.

  • The Country team travels to a community, creates awareness of a global challenge, and connects with the locals. This is an interactive and positive tour that functions as a kick-off.
  • The Country team becomes aware of the social and development challenges in the local and global context. It makes them realize and discover they have a significant role.

The Country team and the county establish a Volunteer Action Team (multi-cultural team) to begin working together on a community idealization (project), which is a core activity of the program. The team reviews, reflects, and engages in experience-based learning. In-depth academic/life skills program including topics like:

  • VAT becomes aware of the challenge they want to solve.
  • VAT are provided with the knowledge, skills, and tools to take action and show their commitment to pushing back.
  • VAT will further empower, mobilize, and inform.

halfway through the project. During this period, the country team and community reflect and assess progress.

  • VAT varies from raising awareness to fundraising to advocacy.
  • One’s action can make a difference on a personal, community, national, and international level.

At the end of the period, the Change Drivers come together for the last evaluation; each group reports on their activities during the program.

  • – VAT celebrates their achievements in the project together every other year on specific international day events.
  • – VAT is rewarded, empowered, united, and made a visible statement to national and world leaders.
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