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Green economic

What we do

We support youth initiatives related to sustainable agricultural practices: green economy (agriculture), forest governance and all its resources, and ecotourism. We facilitate local, national, and regional actions to promote a green/low-carbon economy and adaptive growth strategies and policies.

Sustainability Courses
Integrate sustainability and green economy topics into school and university curricula across various subjects.

Environmental Clubs:
Establish environmental clubs in schools and universities focusing on sustainability projects, environmental education, and green practices.

Conduct workshops on renewable energy, recycling, sustainable agriculture, and green technology.

Community Garden Projects:
Engage youth in creating and maintaining community gardens, teaching them about sustainable agriculture and local food production.

Startup Incubators:
Set up incubators and accelerators for green startups, providing mentorship, resources, and funding opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

Innovation Challenges:
Organize competitions and hackathons focused on developing innovative solutions to environmental problems, with winning ideas receiving implementation support.

Online Courses:
 Offer accessible or affordable online courses on green economy topics, including climate change, renewable energy, and sustainable business practices. 

Educational Apps:
Develop apps that teach sustainability concepts through interactive content, games, and quizzes.

Mentorship Programs:
These programs pair young people with mentors in the green economy sector who can provide guidance, support, and networking opportunities.

Green Career Fairs:
Host career fairs focusing on green jobs and connecting youth with potential employers in the sustainability field.

Clean-Up Drives:
Organize community clean-up events and recycling drives to promote environmental stewardship and community involvement.

Volunteering Opportunities:
Provide opportunities for youth to volunteer with environmental organizations and projects.

Green Art Projects:
Encourage youth to create art, music, theatre, and films highlighting environmental issues and promoting sustainable living.

Storytelling Campaigns:
Use storytelling to raise awareness about the green economy, featuring real-life stories of individuals and communities making a difference.

Influencer Partnerships:
Collaborate with social media influencers to spread awareness and educate their followers about green economy initiatives.

Hashtag Campaigns:
Launch social media campaigns with specific hashtags to encourage youth participation and share their sustainable practices and projects.

Tech Integration:
Promote green technologies, such as solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and electric vehicles, through hands-on demonstrations and projects.

DIY Renewable Energy Projects:
Engage youth in DIY projects like building solar-powered devices or wind turbines, fostering interest in renewable energy technologies.

Global Youth Networks:
Connect young people with international networks focused on sustainability, such as the United Nations Youth and Environment Program.

Exchange Programs:
Facilitate international exchange programs where youth can learn about green economy practices and initiatives in different countries.

Youth Advisory Councils:
Establish youth advisory councils to advise local governments on sustainability policies and initiatives.

Advocacy Training:
Provide training on advocacy skills, empowering youth to campaign for environmental policies and sustainable development.

Certification Programs:
Develop certification programs for schools, universities, and youth organizations that meet specific sustainability criteria.

Awards and Recognition:
Young individuals or groups that contribute significantly to the green economy are recognized and rewarded through awards and public recognition.

Organize challenges to encourage youth to adopt sustainable practices, such as reducing plastic use, conserving water, and lowering their carbon footprint.

Green Living Campaigns:
Run campaigns that promote sustainable living habits, providing tips and resources for making eco-friendly choices.

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