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Young people are particularly vulnerable.

Fluctuations in commodity prices, conflict, and

natural disasters push them further into poverty.

How We Work

We partner with Government, UN agencies, Humanitarian actors, social and development stakeholders, hackathons, start-up labs, corporate agencies, and research academic institutions to catalyze innovations in solving Africa’s social and development challenges through youth leadership.

We engage with young people and youth as partners in developing idealizations that improve and transform the community, turning their local start-up products into services and new industries that create growth and decent jobs.

We are inspiring a generation of 1.000.000 young entrepreneurs (dreamers) to build an innovative, sustainable, and inclusive economy, bridging Africa’s poverty and job creation gap. This will lead to a significant shift and move the African economy forward, aligning with Goal 8 of the SDGs and Africa 2030.

We bring our angents4change (young people and youth) to the forefront on a national and international stage, projecting them as a critical force for innovative change in the new era and connecting them to opportunities across the continent.
Our value proposition is that PEP Africa should inspire a generation of INVENTORS in Africa and establish an Africa INNOVATION HUB showcasing how young people and youth aresharing skills, changing lives, and meaningful transforming communities while ensuring that the continent is moving towardachieving the SDGs.

We are happy to talk to you about any propositions concerning the event.

This is how we work.

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