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PEP Africa aims to tap the global frenzy that comes with uniting and mobilizing people from all corners of Africa and beyond, so high-profile individuals will be invaluable in helping us raise awareness, draw attention to our campaign, and support our mobilization activities.

• Pushing key messages highlighting specific issues—Ambassadors should be confident in dealing with the media and able to speak articulately and with authority on the PEP Africa campaign and the critical issues around youth engagement, government commitments, and the SDGs.
• Gaining awareness and driving engagement—Using their celebrity status and being seen by many as role models, an ambassador’s participation in a campaign event would help create considerable interest among the media and civil society and encourage more people to attend or participate in campaign activities.

• Using their connections to influence critical decision-makers—Using their position and links, ambassadors might be able to influence decisions and policymakers and ensure that PEP Africa’s messages and demands are heard at the highest levels.

More specifically, an ambassador could support the campaign in any of the following ways:

Events and activities will be held globally throughout the FIFA World Cup, the Olympic Games, and the African Nations Cup. Having a celebrity participate in an event can attract additional media attention and interest from the public in the event itself and increase awareness of the campaign. Possibilities might include any of the following:

Using an ambassador’s celebrity status to endorse the campaign is an excellent way to attract media attention.

The following are some ideas on how to maximize this celebrity status:
o Campaign videos –footage of an ambassador visiting a relevant project or speaking about the campaign.
o Images and photos – particularly of the ambassador with PEP Africa branding (e.g., wearing an FPFS t-shirt)
o Interviews – providing interviews to journalists during which they speak about PEP Africa and their commitment to the campaign.
o Supporting quotes – it may not always be possible to organize an interview with an ambassador, so having some quotes to use in press releases, on the PEP Africa website, and to share with the media are all beneficial promotional activities.
o Signature – a copy of the ambassador’s signature for promotional material, letters to MPs and newspapers…

Many celebrities are well-connected and can influence decision-makers through their networks and contacts.

As spokespeople and figureheads, ambassadors can represent the campaign at international, regional, and national discussions, rallies, and events.

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