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As a company or individual, become a Friend of PEP Africa and support us in our mission:  empowering young people so that all can be self-reliant with Justice, enjoy their rights as citizens, and be meaningfully involved in decisions that benefit them.

Your support is invaluable.

By becoming a PEP Africa’s friend, you contribute  to youth development worldwide. You also convey a socially responsible message and inspire others.

I am a Friend of PEP Africa!


I pledge my commitment to support PEP Africa's community project for the period of
in the following way.

FAQ Membership Friend of PEP Africa

You have become our friend with a contribution of $2,000 per year.
With this amount, we can realize our projects for young people. So, you contribute directly to this! As soon as you register as a Friend, you will also receive a tax benefit, depending on your tax situation.

There are other ways to contribute besides the annual financial contribution. We would be happy to discuss what contribution you, as a Friend, can make to PEP Africa’s work.

The membership you take out is valid for one year (12 months), with the option of continuous membership. Of course, we hope you will remain friends of Dance4Life for a long time!

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