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Democracy & Social Justice

What We Do

We create leaders who will then serve as agents of change, mobilizing and supporting their communities to address specific issues of human rights and social justice, rebuilding institutions of governance, and promoting peace in Africa. Engaging youth in democracy and governance

Interactive Learning:
Use gamified learning platforms and interactive apps to teach young people about the workings of government, voting processes, and civic responsibilities.

Virtual Simulations:
Create simulations of parliamentary sessions, elections, and policy-making processes where students can role-play as politicians, activists, or voters.

Youth Advisory Boards:
Establish local, regional, and national youth advisory boards to give young people a direct voice in governance.

Model United Nations (MUN):
Encourage participation in MUN programs where students debate and negotiate on global issues, mimicking real diplomatic processes.

Youth Parliaments:
Organize youth parliaments where young people can propose, debate, and vote on policies and legislation.

E-Governance Tools:
Develop apps and online platforms that allow youth to participate in decision-making processes, give policy feedback, and engage in public consultations.

Social Media Campaigns:
Utilize social media to run campaigns that educate and engage young people in political discussions, policy advocacy, and community initiatives.

Community Projects:
Involve young people in participatory budgeting processes where they can propose and vote on community projects funded by local government.

School-Based Budgeting:
Implement participatory budgeting within schools, allowing students to decide on allocating funds for school projects and improvements.

Mentorship Schemes:
Pair young people with experienced political, governance, and civic activism mentors.

Leadership Workshops:
Conduct workshops that teach leadership skills, public speaking, and effective advocacy techniques.

Theatre and Performances:
Use theatre and performances to depict political scenarios, historical events, and civic themes, encouraging reflection and discussion among young audiences.

Art Exhibitions and Competitions:
Organize art exhibitions and competitions focused on themes like democracy, justice, and human rights.

Civic Tech Hackathons:
Host hackathons where young people can develop technology solutions for governance challenges, such as transparency tools, voter registration apps, or platforms for public dialogue.

Policy Innovation Challenges:
Organize competitions in which youth propose innovative policy solutions to current issues. Policymakers could potentially adopt the winning ideas.

Service Learning:
Integrate community service projects into the education system where students can work on civic issues and understand governance at the grassroots level.

Volunteering Programs:
Create opportunities for young people to volunteer in government offices, NGOs, or political campaigns to gain firsthand experience.

Debate Clubs:
Establish debate clubs in schools and communities where young people can discuss political and social issues.

Youth Forums:
Organize regular forums where young people can interact with policymakers, express their views, and participate in policy dialogues.


Youth Policy Incubators:
Create incubators that support young people in developing and testing new policy ideas, providing resources and mentorship.

Student-Led Think Tanks:
Encourage the formation of student-led think tanks that research and advocate for youth-centric policies and reforms.


Global Civic Engagement Programs:
Facilitate international exchange programs where young people can learn about different democratic systems, governance practices, and civic engagement strategies.

Cross-Cultural Dialogues:
Organize cross-cultural dialogues and workshops that allow youth to share experiences and solutions to common governance challenges.

Civic Engagement Awards:
These awards recognize and reward young individuals or groups that have significantly contributed to their communities through civic engagement and governance initiatives.

Scholarships and Fellowships:
Offer scholarships and fellowships for young leaders with potential in civic leadership and governance.

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