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More and more young work in the informal sector, lacking job security, benefits, and adequate wages, which contributes to persistent poverty among youth.

Our Leadership

The Board of Directors

Our board comprises a dedicated team of esteemed professionals who specialize in youth-related matters and are committed to addressing the needs of young people. These individuals generously volunteer their expertise to support PEP Africa. They oversee the efficient utilization of donations by meticulously auditing and controlling the organization’s financial records and policies, ensuring transparency and accountability to our supporters.


The Global Operation Team

We are a diverse and inclusive team that offers operational support for the organization’s core activities and programs. Each country office of PEP Africa is staffed by five core members, with a gender distribution of 60% female and 40% male. These core staff members handle the office’s day-to-day operations, while volunteers (support staff) bring energy to fieldwork. The Director supervises all operational aspects across the organization.

We provide strategic oversight and technical support for the country teams. In addition, we regularly deploy to support country planning and project delivery from the beginning of a new program or emergency.

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