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Youth Climate Change

What we do

Engaging young people and youths in climate change requires innovative, interactive, and empowering approaches.

Develop games.
That simulates climate scenarios and lets players make decisions impacting the environment. Games like “Eco” and “Climate Challenge” engage players in managing resources sustainably.

Mobile Apps:
Create apps with challenges and rewards for eco-friendly actions, like reducing waste or conserving energy.

Hashtag Challenges:
Launch hashtag challenges on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, encouraging users to share their eco-friendly practices.

Influencer Collaborations:
Partner with influencers to promote climate awareness and sustainable living through engaging content.

Sustainability Hackathons:
Organize events where young people develop tech solutions for climate issues, like apps for tracking carbon footprints.

Creative Workshops.
Conduct workshops on upcycling, renewable energy projects, or urban gardening, fostering hands-on learning and creativity.

Leadership Programs:
Establish councils that give young people a voice in local or school-level climate policies.

Pair young activists with experienced environmentalists to guide and inspire them.

Climate-themed Art Exhibitions:
Encourage youth to express their concerns through art, photography, and film and display their work in exhibitions or online galleries.

Documentaries and Podcasts:
Support young people in creating content that explores climate issues and solutions, sharing personal stories and innovative ideas.

Climate Curriculum:
Integrate climate science and sustainability into school curricula with interactive and project-based learning.

Field Trips and Nature Programs:
Organize trips to natural reserves, clean-up drives, and conservation projects to provide hands-on environmental education.


Urban Gardening and Tree Planting:
Involve youth in creating community gardens and participating in reforestation projects.

Local Clean-up Drives:
Organize regular clean-up events in neighbourhoods and beaches, making them fun and social.

Climate Tech Labs:
Establish labs where young inventors can create and test sustainable technologies, providing resources and mentorship.

Coding for Climate:
Offer coding workshops focused on developing apps and platforms that address climate change.

Youth Climate Strikes: Support and participate in global climate strike movements to raise awareness and demand action.

Policy Advocacy Training: Train young people in advocacy skills, enabling them to influence climate policies at local and national levels.

Climate Ambassadors:
Create programs where trained youth ambassadors educate their peers about climate change and sustainability.

Form clubs in schools and communities focused on environmental activities, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

Climate Solutions Contests:
Host competitions where youths propose and develop innovative solutions to climate challenges, with prizes and recognition.

Startup Incubators:
Provide resources and mentorship for young entrepreneurs developing green technologies or sustainable business models.

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