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PEP Africa is a youth lead/led non-profit social and development organization established in over 37 countries and accredited with the UN ECOSOC, UNEP, and UNFCCC. With over 25 years of experience, we provide lifesaving services to young people and youths in hard-to-reach communities in Africa.

The PEP Africa Secretariat is hosted in the USA. Its role is to focus on developing partnerships, Mobilizing Funds, Conducting Financial Audits, Monitoring and Evaluating programs, Researching, Improving Brands, reporting to meet demand, Service sustainability, and expanding its operations worldwide.

Our programs empower thousands of youths to embrace disruptive innovation and foster an entrepreneurial/ intrapreneurial mindset. We identify, mobilize, inspire, educate, activate, and celebrate young people’s achievements worldwide in response to specific countries and global challenges.

Since 2003, we have been curating an internal methodology that provides our young people with the tools to think outside the box and reach unconventional and impactful solutions. This methodology compresses experiences in a short period with a better outcome.

Our rapidly expanding community is a testament to our success. With over 25 years of experience, we have transformed countless ideas into impactful projects that have significantly contributed to the world.

PEP Africa supports the missions of governments, UN agencies, Corporate Social Responsibility, humanitarian, and development stakeholders. We’re the partners you can trust to get things done right, and we look forward to achieving success together.

Please join us to create “The World We Want”.

At PEP Africa, we value workforce diversity and strive to deliver programs and services in a culturally competent manner that reflects the communities we serve.  Our work environment is collaborative but respectful and inclusive, fostering a relationship and a culture of belonging that empowers all team members.

Join us to learn, grow, and succeed while sharing your passion for making a difference. 

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