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Welcome the world into your home

Host an international student and become a Global Family!

A fantastic cultural adventure for the entire family.

Welcome to our Global Family! Share your home, make lifelong friendships, embrace new cultures, learn through cooking and traveling, and experience the incredible #PEPAFRICA. Become a host family and expand your worldwide knowledge today!

“There are times in life that cannot be described; they must simply be experienced.” It’s the same emotion we experienced as parents when someone else’s child called us from across the world to tell us he enrolled in university or that he has a girlfriend. These things are unfathomable, and only those who have experienced them can comprehend them.”

How to become an PEP Global Family

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What is a PEP Global Family?

An PEP Global Family welcomes connection, growth, a new culture, diversity and opportunity to their communities by hosting an PEP exchange student. Take your family on an amazing journey. Discover the #PEPAFRICA on families! 

How does AFS support Global Families?

  • PEP volunteers and employees from your community will prepare your family for the hardships of welcoming a new member from another country.
  • There is a local emergency contact available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and further support is available through the PEP national headquarters. If medical attention is required, PEP students are covered through insurance.
  • Trained volunteers and staff will provide you with assistance during your Global Family programme, including visiting with you and your family at least once a month to ensure that everything is running smoothly.
  • Your PEP Global Family Intercultural Learning Journey support volunteers will lead your family and student through the events of the PEP Global Family Intercultural Learning Journey, making the overall experience more meaningful and memorable.
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