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“Young people have a fundamental right to determine how power and resources are used in their societies. Countries lose a crucial resource base by not including them in decision-making processes, either public or private. Young people can contribute greatly through their perspectives and experiences; no governance structure can succeed enormously without them.”

Today,Africa is the heartbeat of the world’s youth,with more than 60% of its population under age 35 often referred to as the ‘youth bulge,’ as young people constitute a high and peaking proportion of the population. The youth bulge represents both a challenge and an opportunity for development. Its duration is limited to developing a more significant and younger workforce that can drive sustainable economic growth and natural resource use. They play an important role in the social development of their communities and society. (DFID 2010). Young people are the potential future of leadership in the region’s growth and natural resource management. For many countries experiencing a youth bulge, youth-led conflict or crime may be a perceived risk, and youth unemployment has been exposed to increased crime and civil conflict rates. Therefore, involving young people in meaningful activities and programs builds social cohesion, embeds them within their communities, and secures the stability and safety of communities and larger societies.

To secure the long-term impact of PEP Africa’s Mission, it is paramount to empower for the future. Some of PEP Africa’s programs target the youth through Humanitarian Assistance, Social Development, Community Engagement, and Healthcare, apart from engaging young people as recipients of services.

PEP Africa has been able to understand and harness youths’ role in achieving goals and ensuring social and intergenerational sustainability. We recognize that working with youths could be part and parcel of most of our programs worldwide.

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