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Don't Let Poverty Destroy Someone's Dreams


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Make a Donate (PayPal contour)

If you want to donate, please, fill out the form be.

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    I pledge my commitment to support PEP Africa's community project for the period of


    in the following way.

    Select a program from the drop-down menu where you would like to direct your donation.

    Please debit my account: (Credit/Debit/ VISA Paypal/ Zelle/ Cash App,). and credit PEP Africa for the purpose mentioned above.

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    (English) Acceptable Donation Items
    Include the Following
    (English) Free House
    Cleanouts for Charity

    (English) Fast, Easy and Convenient Way to Donate

    (English) Pack your donation items.

    (English) When you are ready, simply pack your donation items into large plastic bags or boxes.

    (English) Schedule a pickup or drop-off.

    (English) Have us come by your Location for pickup or drop them off at any of our convenient locations. SCHEDULE A PICK UP FIND A LOCATION

    (English) Collect your IRS tax receipt.

    (English) After we receive your donations, a tax receipt will be issued directly to you.

    (English) What is it?

    (English) PEP Africa’s Home Clean-Out service is a free service that helps you recycle, re-purpose and donate large volumes of clothing and household items that you no longer need – it is fast, and it is easy! We send out our professional Concierge to consult with you on the things we can accept and help you prepare for our Drivers who come to your home, pack, and remove your donation. PEP Africa accepts all articles of clothing, shoes, blankets, and bedding, as well as collectibles, kitchenware, toys, small appliances, electronics, and sporting goods. For your convenience, please review our detailed list of Acceptable and Unacceptable Items to ensure your donations meet the requirements.

    (English) How is this different from Home Pick-Up?

    (English) Our free house cleanouts for charity is targeted to donors with large volume donations due to:

    • Preparing for a Move
    • Downsizing (Empty Nesters)
    • Transition into Assisted Living Facilities
    • Death in the Family
    • Executors are looking for assistance removing leftover items from an Estate Sale.
    • Home Clean-Outs

    How do I schedule a consultation?

    To speak with one of our specialists, please contact us via email at info@pepafrica.org and include your name, phone number, address, and description of the service you need. You can also reach us by telephone at +1-972-684-0854