Welcome To PEP Africa International “Sharing Skills, Changing Lives”

About Us

Welcome To Pep Africa, Sharing Skills. Changing Lives.Rebuilding Communities.

“We are the pencil that writes happiness connects the hearts and minds of young people and youths to be the change around the world. We also act as a good eraser that removes their sadness, inspires, and builds trust through social innovation that promotes partnership development effectiveness.”

PEP Africa

PEP Africa is a 501(c)3 public charity and an UN-ECOSOC accredited organization that promotes positive youth development. We engage and empower young people in and out of the school setting creatively and productively. We foster positive youth relationships and providing them opportunities and the rights they need to develop on their leadership strengths.

Our Mission

PEP Africa is all about joining forces – from linking young people to creating agents4change. We work to establish meaningful partnerships between young people

Our Vision

Who have shared their stories and opened their hearts to us as we develop absolute trust with them in the struggle to create the "World We Want.