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PEP Africa International

We hope you will enjoy reading through our work and have the chance to support our efforts to inspire youths in the struggle to make history that will bring sustainable happiness in youths.

Non Profits, Charities and Volunteer Organizations

"Sharing Skills, Changing Lifes"


People Empowering People (PEP) Africa: is an international initiative which actively involves young people and empowers them with skills and tools needed to create POSITIVE change in communities. We are engaging with young people as equal partners by providing opportunities for them to participate in public life, to be innovative, involve young people as advocates, researchers and peer educators, expand and reinvigorate sexual and reproductive health policies and programs to meet the needs of young people, including youth friendly services that address youth’s issues. We train young people to be leaders and others who engage with young people to provide youth-friendly services. We offer first-hand opportunities to encourage inter-country exchange and co-operation for students, leaders of NGO’s, professionals and cultural bodies around the world.

Human dignity and Gender equity

• All staff has equal rights in participating in PEP Africa’s activities.
• We ensure the participation of underserved groups and special emphasis to the women.
• All PEP-Africa staff has the equal opportunities for promotion based on their experience and qualification considering gender perspective.
• PEP-Africa ensures gender justice in all aspect of it organization.   

Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity and Transparency

• All personnel promote Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity and Transparency in their activities.
• Staff behavior and conduct consider this value and remain honest, sincere and transparent.
• Staff never hide any information to the stakeholders 

 Cost Consciousness and sound management of resources

• All resources are managed in a cost effective and cost conscious manner.
• Staff remains highly concerned on best use of resources. 

Concern for Environment

• All activities of the, organisation are environmentally friendly.
• Garbage is managed and treated appropriately.
• Work is done in a clean and cordial environment. 


Our vision is ensuring the full participation of youths in nation building; drive a new era of development with equal opportunities where youths are seen to be self-reliant with justice, equity, pride, research and education, growth, and productivity.


Our core values of excellence are aligned to the mission and vision of the organisation. The identity stems from the idea of “become the beat” – which is all about giving young people a voice, an opportunity to express themselves and become agents4change.


PEP Africa mission is to inspire innovation and advance best practices amongst youths while enhancing their living standards in qualitative and quantitative terms so as to integrate them to meaningful participation in the mainstream society through collaboration, sharing information, building partnerships, advocacy, cooperation, training, and technical assistance. We also aim at being a tool to enhance the social inclusion, active citizenship and employability of young people with fewer opportunities and to contribute to social cohesion at large.

Quality services

• All services of PEP-Africa maintain a specific standard.
• Staff are responsible for maintaining the quality of the program and it performance 

 Capability and Accountability

• Beneficiaries possess knowledge, understanding and capability to identify and resolve their problems. Staff of PEP-Africa shall facilitate process.
• Management remains strict to their work plan and demonstrates accountability to the organization. 

Creativity and Innovation

• In all cases, creativity and innovation is appreciated within project or program cycle.
• Creativity and innovative work is rewarded
• Innovative and creative work is replicated 


• All staff and beneficiaries respect the organizational rules and regulations
• Staff remains committed to the policy, procedures and system of the organization. 


In 2003, PEP-Africa was founded by Melvine Lywne Wajiri and Nganji Gilles Ndukong, who are well known youth’s leaders with extensive knowledge in Youth development in Cameroon and Africa. They wanted to makes an important contribution to supporting the "Youth on the Move” flagship initiative of the UN 2025 Strategy which puts young people at the centre of the UN's agenda to create an economy based on knowledge, innovation, high levels of education and skills, adaptability and creativity, inclusive labour markets and active involvement in society. Accredited in Cameroon as a non-governmental, non-profit, apolitical and a public humanitarian youth organization that works with commitment for the development of underserved, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, creed, cast, class or ethnicity.

PEP -Africa is engaging with young people as equal partners by providing opportunities for them to participate in public life and in developmental activities. We empower young people with skills and provide them with tools and opportunities to be innovative, creative so as to expand and reinvigorate youth policies and programs to meet the needs of young people.
It is distinguished in its focus on the active promotion of optimal human development, rather than on the scientific study of age related change


PEP-Africa has the three main structures that indicate: 1. The Board of Advisers, who are responsible for the functions and is managed. 2. The Office of the Direction How information flows and is processed within an organization. 3 The Management Team: How flexible or responsive the organization is. The hierarchical of approach of the organization is distinguished by several features:

The Relatively few Directors control the organization. The Few units or staff is under each Director’s control. The Director are appointed on merit and expected to be in control of the full range of management functions (including disciplining, and encouraging cooperation and compliance). Composed of the Secretariat, Communication Dept, and Heads of Programs, field Officers, Finance Office and HRD, who ensure the good management between the Boards and implement its Action Plan as well as other decisions under the coordination of the CEO/Director.


The Board PEP-Africa of consists out of a voluntary group of well-respected professionals who are experts in youth issues and ready to respond to the plight of youths. They have been kind enough to offer our organization access to their knowledge and skills. Also, and to ensure our supporters that we are using their donations efficiently. Members of the trustee board have complete control over our financial record and are responsible for the policy making of the organisation.

Our Team

Our staffs provide operational support to the office and its membership, and contribute to the organizations’ core activities and programming.This is a small group of multi-cultural youths from Cameroon and around the world, who are committed to take responsibility in shaping their destiny and that of their peers. They understand that if we think and work as a team, their input and results will be greater. After all “talent wins the game but teamwork and intelligence win championships” (Michael Jordan).

PEP-Africa is powered by 7 staff at its headquarters in which 70% are female and 40% male and have an estimated number of 22 support staffs (youths who are providing voluntary services to the organization) PEP-Africa office is based in Limbe, Cameroon and works in collaboration with other youth serving organizations in seven (7) regions of Cameroon and international.

Our Interns and Volunteers

Since 2009, we have received interns and volunteers from North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Western Europe, Western Africa, Central and Eastern Asia, the Pacific, and South and Southeast Asia. Click on each member’s photo to learn more about them and their involvement with PEPafrica

Our Ambassadors

These are high profile individuals who are willing and invaluable to help us to raise awareness and draw attention to the campaign and support our mobilisation activities. They help to push key messages and highlight specific youth related issues by using their celebrity status as seen by many as role models, they participate in our campaign help create considerable interest among the media and as well as encourage more young people to attend or to take part in campaign activities. They specifically support our campaign by participation in our event - attract additional media attention and interest from the general public in the event itself as well as increase awareness of the campaign. Events might include any of the following. They endorse our campaign is an excellent way to attract media attention. In their role as spokespeople and figureheads for PEP-Africa, they also speak on behalf of the campaign at national discussions, rallies and events.

Our agents4chnage 

Our Approach

PEP Africa provides important opportunities for young people to acquire competences. Therefore it is a key instrument for non-formal and informal learning in our activities Non-formal learning refers to the learning which takes place outside formal educational curriculum.

Non-formal learning activities involve people on a voluntary basis and are carefully planned, to foster the participants' personal, social and professional development. 

Informal learning refers to the learning in daily life activities, in work, family, leisure, etc. It is mainly learning by doing.

In the youth sector, informal learning takes place in youth and leisure initiatives, in peer group and voluntary activities etc.

Non-formal and informal learning activities within are complementary to the formal education and training system. They have a participative and learner-centered approach, are carried out on a voluntary basis and are therefore closely linked to young people's needs, aspirations and interests.   

Our Financial Overview

Budget Year

PEP-Cameroon maintains yearly budget under specific program heads like education, HIV/AIDS, health care and awareness activities, utilities, transportation and administration

Financial Management

The Financial management is placed under the Executive Director who in consonance with Executive Committee oganizes the activities and manages the finance with the Accountant and clerical staff which includes every day filing of day-to-day expenditure, entry book and ledger which is scrutinised by Executive Committee in its meetings

Our Partners

One of the critical pillars of the success of project is partnership and to facilitate it, these institutions/ individuals are short listed as potential partners for the project. PEP-Africa is forging partnerships with some influential individuals, national structures who will contribute immensely in mobilisation of local communities and help in modifying/formulation of policies regarding youths in Cameroon.  

What we do 

The center offers a variety of programs for youth development and allies all in a safe and supportive space, as well as educational services to organizations through engaging workshops and trainings.

Trainings Programs

The Trainings are dynamic, interactive sessions, and educational and centered on best practices sharing, capacity development and social inclusion. We train peer educators, trainers, youth advocate, skill developers, motivational speakers, women and youths on specific topics e.g. leadership development, re-usable skills, gender Intergration, women and youth empowerment, and more. We do this through presentations to multi-training series and adaptable presentation style – interactive activities, PowerPoint presentations, Focus Group Discussions, seminar and workshops. Our training programs are designed and tailored to meet the present challenges of today.

Volunteer Placement Program

Our Volunteer Placement Program (VPP) offers 9-52 week placements at our project site within one of our 14 Communities. It's an intense, immersive program for students, interns and young professionals looking to gain international development experience and training. The program commonly acts as a catalyst for building a career in development, strengthening applications for graduate programs, or cultivating relationships with international communities and organizations.

Community Engagement Programs

This program aims at Promoting inventions and creativity in the lives of young people and to speak out on their local needs and interests but also on world issues. Young people try new ideas by initiating and setting up projects.( e.g. cinematography, Modelling, arts and craft, theatre performing arts , and other related skills ).The act of art-making creatively enables youths to explore their identity and the intrapersonal and interpersonal emotional states involved in self-actualization.

Study Opportunity Programs

The study opportunity provides assistance to youths with little or no opportunities to develop essential skills in the areas of academic and educational enrichment, leadership, health and wellness. That is, facilitating admission into learning institutions, getting study grants, writing scholarship applications, and academic recommendations.


This program provide facilities like printers, and internet connection (Wi-Fi) for youth to complete homework, apply for jobs, develop resumes, scholarly research etc. The program also aimed at empowering youths with specific skills in web technology, computerised accounting, taking specific on-line courses for career development and other e-learning.

life Skills Programs

This program aim at training young people with re-useable and unique, hands-on skills on trades like tailoring, woodwork, plumbing, auto-mechanics, sawing, bread production, fine arts, cloth dial, hair dressing, basket making, photography etc. It also offers opportunities to learn new designs with technological tools and develop sustainable skills. It focuses on assisting youths in the areas of job readiness, and wellness.

Healthcare Programs

The health component of PEP-Africa offers various support services that promote safer sex messages and practices, offers free, confidential, HIV testing, support groups throughout the year: Women’s Group, Empowerment Group (safer sex support group), and Youth Focus Group. Case Management- the program assists youth in accessing health, public benefits, social, legal, and services. The program includes; dance4life, AIDS Walk, AIDS Education, health fairs, video, parties and film screenings and more.

Urban Art

The act of art-making creatively enables participants to explore identity and the intrapersonal and interpersonal emotional states involved in self-actualization. Our art-making is an invocation of both expression and intellectual inquiry that positively engages participants and creates spaces where a wide range of experiences and perspectives can become communal.


Please note: We are a small organization committed to diversity and as such only accept a small number of volunteers each year. If you are interested in volunteering with our VPP, please contact us and tell us about yourself, such as your age, gender identity, nationality, country of residence, and any relevant experience you have in connection with our programs and activities. All applications for volunteerism are reviewed on a rolling basis by the VPP Committee from January- April- September each year.

Opportunities and Benefit.

PEP Africa is an organization of opportunity .The opportunities are available and so numerous that it could take a lifetime to grasp them all. You are invited to select those which cater to your particular needs and make the most of it. Basically, there are four Areas of Opportunity within the organisation: Individual, Organisation, Community, International and other opportunities for total development


Have the Opportunities for personal development, participate in seminars, organized and conducted by professional trainers and speak effectively, learn leadership skills, improve your communication abilities and enhance their personal development 


Opportunity to gain hands on work experience that you just can’t get in the classroom. Train first time job seekers and career changers as support staffs and give them the experience they would need to get a job. Get the work experience you need to secure a job as a vital part of your resume. Make yourself prospective employees after finishing your probation. Test your future career without committing and find out if it is a career that will satisfy you. Connect with people in your field of interest and share resources with people who might help you land a job later on. Get the chance to use the skills you've learned in the classroom in a real-world setting. Have the Opportunities to share and cross-pollinate resources with local, regional, national and international stakeholders in development with a network of almost 2000 organizations. Have the Opportunity to enhance your community by conducting projects for sustainable development. Have the Opportunity to visits institutions, companies and people to learn about their success story. Have the Opportunity to meet with successful leaders, entrepreneurs, speak at monthly meetings, and conducting training sessions on how to start up a business, or a nonprofit and working in the development sector. Have the Opportunity to participate at The Coffee, Networking Talk (CNT), and new projects under this area of opportunity. Prove the worth of your qualifications and to show that you can perform in the role you've been given. Getting experience and build your confidence. Be more confident in your chances of securing a jobWork side-by-side with PEP Africa’s staff on a wide arena of projects .Gain insight into an PEP AFRICA activities and explore possible employment opportunities with its partners. Earn academic credit through your college or university .Obtain recommendations and other clearance letters.


Have the Opportunity to work with and for your community, participate and surveys the needs of community driven projects, meet important people in the community and the general public; however, making important contribution and impacting lives, not only as a great beneficiary to the community but also have the ideal workshop for putting into practice the skills learned and developed during your individual and academic courses.


The opportunities are very impressive; members can derive an awareness of what is happening in other parts of the world. This Area also allows for direct experience with different customs and cultures and helps understand other communities throughout the world. It also offers the opportunity to contribute toward world peace simply by creating friendships across countries. Other opportunities within PEP AFRICA not confined to any specific area are: exchanging ideas, socializing, and networking, working alongside people of different socio-economic and socio-cultural backgrounds. (Serious Fun) PEP Africa offers challenges that make life more meaningful, worthwhile, and personally rewarding. A lot depends on the willingness of the staffs to identify and pursue these opportunities. This is one organization that supports the philosophy of learning by doing.

The rationale is not to look for what the organization can do for you, but to see what you can do for yourself through the organization.